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About Bidgee Brew Shop

We provide quality homebrewing ingredients, equipment and customer support to help people make there own beer, cider, wine, spirits and cheese for personal use.

The business started in 23 Aug 2005 then changed hands in 03 Apr 2013 to the current owner, having changed the appearance of the shopfront and staff to become a friendly helpful place for all types of homebrewer.

We now have a much wider range of products including all grain brewing as a new addition in the past few years. Also in 2017 we are starting a Brewing Club and also cheese making classes.

The current staff being owner/director

Having had 15 years experience being a homebrewer of beer and cider, 7 of wine, 2 of cheese.

So for quite a while have been a bit of a nut of loving to play, create, grow and cook anything and everything, eventually things have begun to click together to provide a knowledgeable experience for the curious customer or the humble beginner.

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The Bidgee Brew Shop

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The Bidgee Brew Shop
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